I – Target

It enables account holders save towards specific needs ranging from payment of school fees, holiday, pilgrimage, wedding and acquisition of household items.

Features and Benefits

  • Opportunity to save towards a specific need
  • Access to loan facility
  • Minimum opening balance of N10,000
  • Lodgement into account required at least once a month
  • Competitive interest
  • Cheque lodgement allowed
  • Eligible as collateral for short term loan at a low interest rate

Eligibility Criteria

  • Traders
  • Self-employed/Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals


  • A duly completed account opening form
  • A valid Means of Identification (copy of passport/voter ID card/driving license)
  • Two (2) Passport Photographs
  • Means of address verification i.e. (Utility Bill)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I withdraw from my savings before achieving desired target?

Yes, you can.

Can I obtain a loan through my I-Target savings?


  • You must have saved up to six (6) months and 50% of desired target
  • Maximum loan amount of 80% of savings balance
  • Maximum loan tenor of up to 12 months

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