Senior's Mortgage Account

This product is targeted at high net worth senior citizens above 50 Years. It pays special attention to the needs for this category of customer and offers other value added services.

Features and Benefits

  • The customer will open a current account or any other account
  • ATM card for convenient withdrawal
  • Cumulative deposit of N1 Million in any account which will increase to N5 Million within 3 months for new customers before migration
  • The minimum age to be eligible for the product is 50 Years
  • Cheque book to be issued at procurement cost

Eligibility Criteria for Loan

High net worth individals above 50 Years.

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  • A duly completed form
  • A valid means of identification (copy of passport/voter ID card/driving license)
  • Two (2) passport photographs
  • Means of address verification (Utility bill)
  • Two (2) references
  • Residence permit (where applicable)

Fees and charges

Below are fees and charges that you may be required to pay:

  • Types of fees

    Charges applicable

  • Rate of interest
    -- --
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Terms and Condition

Customer must be a retiree or senior citizen

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