A. Are You A Property Developer?

  • Do you have a minimum of two years’ experience in project development?
  • Do you have an existing subscriber group?
  • Do you have problems receiving payments for sold properties?
  • Is your project near completion and require funding?


  • We can avail you completion finance to finish your project
  • We can help collect your outstanding payments through our customized mortgage products.

B. Are You Involved In Real Estate Business?

  • Do you require funding to meet your supply contract or construction contract?
  • Do you need fresh ideas or new insights on your Real Estate projects?


  • You can obtain property refinancing facility to release cash for your working capital.
  • We can help facilitate the issuance of credit instruments such as Bank Guarantees and Advanced payment guarantees through our correspondence banking relationship.

C. Do You Have Funds For Direct Investment In Real Estate?

  • Do you wish to partner with a trusted party on Real Estate?


  • We can provide transaction structuring through the creation of joint ventures and special project vehicles etc.

D. Do You Have Unsold Stock Of Unsold Housing Units?


  • We can introduce the available stocks to our clientele base and support with mortgage to facilitate disposal on favourable terms.

Are you having challenges with real estate projects?


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