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I-Me is a mortgage related endowment Savings account designed to build Savings while making repayment on mortgage. Upon seasoning for 6months will be refinanced by NMRC (Nigeria Mortgage Refinance Company).

Features and Benefits

  • Applicable to mortgages with duration over five years
  • Minimum Equity contribution of 30%.
  • Additional 25% of monthly loan repayment is warehoused into endowment Savings account
  • The additional 25% is transferred to the endowment Savings account, at an interest rate indexing the lending rate by 10%.
  • No withdrawal from customer is allowed until expiration of the loan.
  • Uniform Interest Rate shall be applicable for the group
  • Monthly payment shall be by direct debit into the customer’s account or through salary domiciliation or direct deduction from employer.

Eligibility Criteria for Loan

Any salaried, self-employed or professional public and private companies, government sector employees including public sector is eligible for a personal loan.

Maximum Tenor of 20 years subject to retirement Age of 55 years.

Maximum Loan amount of 50 Million

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  • Offer letter from vendor on property to be purchased.
  • Letter of introduction from employer.
  • Retirement Savings Account contributory statement.
  • Mortgage Application by each employee
  • Six months’ pay slip.
  • Six months’ account statement
  • Consent letter from the spouse (if married) not to hinder foreclosure process
  • Irrevocable undertaking from employer to deduct and remit monthly repayment or Salary domiciliation (Prior to disbursement)/ Direct Debit Mandate
  • Irrevocable letter of undertaking by employer to pay final entitlement into employee account with TrustBond Mortgage Bank Plc (Prior to disbursement)

Fees and charges

Below are fees and charges that you may be required to pay:

  • Types of fees

    Charges applicable

  • Rate of interest
    -- --
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Frequently Asked Questions

I - ME will serve as a bail-out in the event of a distressed cashflow under circumstances outside the cover of mortgage protection.

It is not allowed within the period of loan repayment, except in peculiar circumstances which may necessitate such withdrawal.

No, it is not optional. I - ME is an integral part of our mortgage loan structure.

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